Michael JasonSmith (mpj17) wrote,
Michael JasonSmith

Eee PC 901

Hopefully the wheels of commerce are rolling my new computer to me. The machine I selected is a ASUS Eee PC 901, one of those little netbook devices that is smaller than a notebook, but bigger than a phone. It is replacing my eight-year old PC, which I will write about when I have my new machine.

I looked at the ASUS Eee PC and the Dell Inspirion Mini. The Eee PC won out over the Insprion because in New Zealand you can only get the latter with Microsoft Windows XP. In the US you can get the Inspiron with Ubuntu. No reason given. I even Chatted with a agent and all they could suggest is that I install Linux myself.

If I am going to install Linux, I am not going to pay for Windows, and I am going to get the machine that has a better reviews of the hardware. After deciding on the Eee PC 901, I enlisted the help of selidor and mattmatt to pick the colour (white). Now I wait.

I think Eeebuntu rather than Easy Paesy, thanks to this review.

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