Michael JasonSmith (mpj17) wrote,
Michael JasonSmith

Australia is Cold

Australia is cold. Not all the time, but sometimes it is cold. The reason it is cold, I think, is because it is high. Amazingly and surprisingly high.

An April frost in Kosciuszko National Park.

New Zealand mountains are very different to Australian mountains. New Zealand mountains are very steep. They rise out of the ocean, or plains, and go up. Then we build steep streets on them.

In contrast, I can not recall seeing the Blue Mountains from Sydney. However, if I drive inland I slowly get higher. My home in Canberra, nestled between the Blue and Snowy Mountains, is at 600m — the same altitude as Queenstown (New Zealand’s premier four season lake and alpine resort) and 200m higher than Hanmer (New Zealand’s alpine spa village). Three hours to the east, Oberon in the Blue Mountains is at 1100m, higher than the highest paved road New Zealand. Three hours to the west, the Snowy Mountains Highway passes 1,450m between Cooma and Yarrangobilly. That is a huge area at altitude. I think I am really going to enjoy exploring it.

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