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Life Continues

I am almost feeling settled in Canberra. I still need a couple of cards (library and driver's license) and I need to assure myself that I am paying tax in the correct country, but otherwise things are settling down nicely.

Michele and I had our first visitors, when her parents came over. It was a great excuse to go around Canberra and do the tourist things like visit Parliament, the National Gallery of Australia, the National Portrait Gallery, the National Botanic Gardens, the National…

Joyously I managed to see a platypus at Tidbinbilla when we all visited. Sadly I only had my cellphone with me, so the photo is not that great, but I assure you, it is a platypus. While watching the platypus swim in its dam I thought how embarrassing it must have been for the first person to discover that the platypus is venomous. How would you explain to someone that the bird-beaver creature is actually a bird-beaver-snake creature that has fangs in its feet?

Working remotely (from Canberra to Christchurch) has turned out to be far less of a hassle than I feared it would be. My time over the last three weeks has been tied up with creating part of a bespoke student management system, specifically the subsystem for recording and displaying marks. After a couple of weeks work I think we have a design that accurately reflects the how the client does business, shows what the client wants to show, and does not show what the client does not want to show. On the down side, a lot of the work has involved relational-database design, which I am bad at and dislike.

The only other notable IT-related event of late is the recent fuss over the New Zealand Ministry of Education agreeing to try and sort out the mess that is IT education in Godzone. I waded through the reports and press releases, and I even took notes, but I have not had a chance to write anything up. Give me a bump if you want to read my take on things, and I will see what I can do.

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