Michael JasonSmith (mpj17) wrote,
Michael JasonSmith

Buying a Computer

Why is is so hard to buy products from IT vendors in New Zealand? There are little follies, like having your best monitor off, and not connected to a machine. Then there is my drama trying to buy a Eee PC 901 with Linux.

I Google. I check out Price Spy. I go to the websites of the stores, credit-card primed and ready. I want to give these people money. I see the product listings, but they are fantasy. There are no little boxes. There are Windows XP versions of the Eee PC 901, but no Linux machines (and let that be a lesson for you). I am up to the point that I no longer trust any listing from any store. Actually, Fusion Digital Communications claim to have some in stock — and I believe them, because they make it very hard to buy anything off them. Too hard for me. If they cannot get my money from me, when they are the last in the nation with one of the machines, they have issues.

Rumour has it that the Eee PC 901HA will be released in New Zealand soon. Soon…

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